Oct 20 2014

Manage your emails faster with Outlook Quick Steps

Category: Productivity ashish sheth @ 22:34

Just noticed this setion on my Outlook toolbar:


When I saw the above in my outlook toolbar I realized that it could help in a lot of productivity gain while managing email.

There are pre-built steps which you can use to manage email as mentioned in the above image. You can add your own quick steps too. Notice that “Archive” on the top-left. I setup that by myself as follows:

Click on the “down arrow” on the left-bottom part (highlighted in blue) of the above screen.  A “Manage Quick Steps” dialog box will be opened as below:


Clicking on the “New” button will open up a dialog box as below, where you can setup the action that you want to take. Note that you can also setup a shortcut key which you can use for the action instead of every time selecting the action from the menu.


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