Jun 26 2017

Bugs error and software quality

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Some notes:

  • Bugs are experienced failures, failures comes from faults within the software.
  • Faults are introduced in software when some process is skipped during the SDL, such as code review
  • Software cannot be tested 100%.
  • Test automation just makes software testing faster, it does not improve software quality.
  • Test automation should be context driven and adaptive.
  • People and managers should put time and money to improve skills of the people involved in software development to improve software quality.
  • Early feedback from actual users is important.
  • Tools and technology does not improve quality, it is how way use them affects the quality.

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Sep 16 2014

Podcast that I listen

Category: .Net | Learning | miscellaneous ashish sheth @ 00:45

In the big sea of web, you will find many people telling you the podcast that every developers should listen. Here is my list, and yes, I too think these are the podcast every developer(.Net developer) should listen.

  1. .Net Rocks: This is more than a decade old talk show focusing on Microsoft .Net Technologies. Earlier it used to be a weekly show, but now it has three show a week. Apart from covering anything and everything related to .Net, it also covers mobile app development on Android and iOS.
  2. Hanselminutes: This is the show by Scott Hanselman, which focuses on technology including Microsoft .Net Technology.
  3. HerdingCode: This is a show where discussion goes into nitty-gritty of development tasks. As with the above two, not just the .Net technology, but other aspects of Software development practises are also discussed.
  4. Software Engineering Radio: This is a monthly podcast targeted towards not just .Net developers, but to all software developers in general. So it covers topics which include Software Engineering practises, architecture, design patterns, etc. It also has a rather academic feel and many a times the guests include leading researchers in the field of Computer Science.
  5. MS Dev show: This is relatively a new podcast for Microsoft developers focussing fully to Microsoft technology including topics such as Azure/Cloud, Windows, Windows Phone, .Net etc.
  6. IEEE Software’s On Computing: In this podcast Grady Booch reads from his column “On Computing” in the IEEE Software magazine. In this, he talks software’s impact on humanity.
  7. IEEE Software’s Tools of the Trade: This is again the podcast of an on going column in IEEE Software with the same name. In every episode, it covers software tools to be used within a certain aspect of Software Development, such as documentation, debugging, testing, etc.
  8. HBR IdeaCast: This is a weekly podcast from HBR.org and it is mostly about analysis and advice from leading minds in management.

Let me know what you listen to.

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